Safeguarding Consultancy for Faith Communities

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"Having previously worked as a Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator, I have had the pleasure of working with Jane on many occasions. Her experience and expertise with regards to safeguarding, both within faith communities and secular settings, is extensive. As a practitioner Jane has managed to combine lengthy service with an ability to manage some very intense and complex cases and issues. Amongst her many qualities, Jane’s greatest strength in this field is her attention to detail, this enables her to have a full appreciation about the complexities of the task in hand. I have always admired her professionalism and objectivity.
As a safeguarding professional, I have no hesitation about continuing to seek advice and consultation with Jane, I have found her contributions to be invaluable. Furthermore, I have often recommended her services to third parties, particularly when the issues are especially onerous."
- Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator

"I have known Jane for almost five years in my capacity as a URC Safeguarding Officer. When I first met her I was very impressed with her professionalism. As I have worked more with her it has become clear that her professionalism is underpinned by considerable experience in the Social Work field and further qualification and experience in the field of risk assessment. Her overall experience including knowledge of the need for confidentiality, makes her an excellent person to discuss complex case work with. She is also a compassionate person which makes her an ideal person to discuss the complexities of working in the faith sector, having a commitment to showing compassion for all. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone in the safeguarding field. Her skills and her commitment to high standards, are exemplary."
- URC Safeguarding Officer

"You have done a difficult job so well and our Diocese has come a long way in terms of Safeguarding under your leadership and guidance."
- Priest

"I felt you pitched the training so well – just the right balance between input and example, between sociological and theological/spiritual."
- Seminary Rector

"Please accept my personal thanks for all you have achieved in the Safeguarding role in Clifton Diocese. You have ensured that the Department’s practice is a model for all others and you should be very proud of your achievement."
- Diocesan Trustee

"I both admire and appreciate your professional skill and the kindly and compassionate manner with which you carried out your often onerous responsibilities."
- Deacon

"Thank you for the support you have given, it was good to know you were there."
- Deacon

"I couldn’t speak more highly about the care, help and support that I have had and continue to have. You have done an incredible amount to improve safeguarding and put in place procedures to protect others."
- Survivor

"Thank you for an excellent couple of days. We learned a lot and I am sure we all have a better understanding of what involves us (in safeguarding) in parish life"
- Parish Safeguarding Representative

"Jane and her colleague were excellent, leaving no question unanswered and their personalities shone through what can be a very difficult subject."
- Priest

"The workshop was worth it. The presenters were brilliant and excellent in the way they delivered the presentations. They are experienced and know the subject very well."
- Volunteer

"Jane has shown herself to be resourceful, astute, diligent and determined to make sure that staff and volunteers are properly trained, procedures and policies are adhered to and above all, that safeguarding is understood as everyone’s business. The way she achieves this is with professionalism and courtesy. She is clear about where the standards are but gains support and compliance through careful and appropriate interventions and approaches to all concerned. She has developed professional skills and personal resilience to enable her to perform her duties without compromising the clear values and principles that she knows are required to be able to undertake safeguarding with integrity."
- Methodist safeguarding colleague